About Sarah

Horses have been part of my life for 41 years and  I am so very lucky to work with something I truly love.  From watching lessons with Olympic trainers to helping a youth with their first pony, I get to help both horse and rider be at their best.  I don't have "customers" you are all "clients". 

Why is it important to have a professional saddler check the fit of your saddle?  Also why is it important to have a Custom saddle made?

I can answer both of these questions with the same example:  If you are a marathon runner and you arrive at the race without your shoes can you run in mine?   Maybe but not very well.  Horses are athlete's and they need a saddle that fits properly.  As a rider you need the correct seat size, flap length and balance of the saddle so you can be at your best.

My clients know that I stand behind my work and Your satisfaction is #1 with me.

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